6311 Gilbert Rd
Richmond, BC V7C

Found 2 reports:

the place is filled with rats. we've caught and seen over two dozen rats. people came to look at it found plenty of holes under the sink, heaters and what not.

Moved in in April, in August started noticing the bites, didn't know it was bedbugs until September, when changing the bedding. Lots of marks on the sheets, and clusters of bedbugs in the corners of the mattress. Building manager got in the exterminator pretty quickly, he checked around and found a large hole in the corner of the bedroom with bedbug faeces and shells, so they were clearly coming from the building. Exterminator wanted to inform people in the adjacent suites, and spray them also,

building manager asked him not to say anything. Seems property management company, Amacon, wants to save a few bucks on spraying, and doesn't care about it's tenants.

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