6051 Azure Rd
Richmond, BC V7C

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This property is currently free of bed bugs.

Should a tenant report bedbugs, we perform a canine (dog)inspection to detect both bugs and eggs in the unit reporting the the problem and every surrounding unit (above, below and each side). all affected untis are treated and follow up inspections are performed until no activity can be detected.

Our staff and pest control services are very knowledgeable and always happy to advise tenants on how to avoid bringing bedbugs to their unit and how to

prepare their unit for treatment if bedbugs are discovered.

we belive that prevention is always better than treatment.

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after 3 spray treatments they reappeared 2 years later.Thank God my new mattress and box spring were encased in bed bug protectors. Went through the whole spraying again and all the work that that entails. No one around me was sprayed to best of my knowledge cept for the suite above me on 3rd floor. Another attack November 2012 obvious signs of infestation. Manager said heat treatment. Went with that, pest company we ge rid of them 98 per cent Good odds to me so I do that prep list for the

umpteenth time and vacate the premises and board my pet yet again. Money , so much loss of money and no insurance covers it. Come back with that 98 per cent guarantee but very wary, keeping an eye on every little thing. The whole experience makes you extra vigilant.
December 24 2012 8.30 pm I am watching a xmas movie with family while sitting on my couch , I feel something on my arm , I swipe and hit a bed bug and killed it, it was full of blood. UGH! Next morning there is also a blot of blood on my sheers beside the couch.
Called the property managemnent company and yes it was Xmas eve but no one ever got back to me. One week later on that same couch I saw a baby bed bug on my pillow. Obviously they are not 98 per cent gone and have been breeding. Next day my couch I got rid of, obviously the heat treatment did not hit the couch which was beside the window where the pipe entered.
I never did hear back from Colliers. Now I hear there is a huge infestation of bed bugs on the third floor of this building. Which is scheduled for treatment.This problem is on going in this building and requires thorough attention. The laundry facilities are inadequate to heat either throughwashing or drying to a sufficient temperature to kill the bugs and eggs these pests invade. So the problem goes on and its insufficient measures being taken to irradicate these bugs.

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I never knew what bedbugs were until I found them last year in my apartment at this address. My neighbour had had them the year prior and was treated under different management Well last year I got a major infestation so contacted management last year which was slow to be treated in spite of my pleas and no prep sheet, which I had to call pest control to email me.
Thousands of damage to my belongings and costly laundry and drycleaning and emotional trauma, sleeping on couch for 4 months sinc

e I had no bed. Major emotional trauma.
Now they are back again and I am being treated but the surrounding suites are not being treated which alarms me that these pests will simply return elsewhere.

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