9700 Glenacres Dr
Richmond, BC V7A

Found 5 reports:

i would like to apologize to the previous renters. as i have been bitten by a bed bugs while cleaning the suite.

Again, this is a hoax and sham. Anyone can call me to confirm.

Why would someone lie about bedbugs? Makes more sense, that an owner like you, who has to worry about renting out this townhouse to others, would be more willing to cover up a bedbug infestation.

Just saying.....

I am the owner of this townhouse and this is a hoax!
Marcia Sanford 604 512-2550
Dec.2, 2010

Unit 129 we had bedbugs - were treated but returned. We think they are coming from next door. We were told they come through vents or electrical outlets.

No nearby bug reports