888 Pacific St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

Found 4 reports:

I had 3 times bitten since summer and not sure what it was maybe not bed bugs. Found one bug crawl in my bed I catched it but not sure what it was so I brought it to the bug guy to see. He confirmed!! now big clean up and spray all my room.

As a new tenant in the apartment 709 I could say that the comment that "Unhappy customer" left is totally false. The apartment is clean, comfortable, quiet, fully equipped, with beautiful views, and the owner/landlord is more than friendly.

Unit 709 at 888 Pacific St. Beware this place is a real dump. The carpets are very filthy and the place sticks like urine. We found little black bugs crawling in the bed and the owner refused to give us our money back.

Moved into the apartment beginning of November, 2007 and questioned why the last tenant didn\'t remove the mattress. Knew by June 2008, the bedroom was crawling with them! Pipe renovations were done and they got worse. Phoned a professional bed bug company and they got rid of them, but the landlord doesn\'t think she has to pay for the cost.

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