777 Burrard St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

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I have been living in this building for 1 year and have had no problem with bed bugs. I have seen the occasional mouse though, but no bed bug problem.

This building has multiple problems with bedbugs in several suites going back several years.
I have personally been fighting them since 2008. I have been here now for 6 years and I didn't bring them with me that's for sure.
I believe they are coming in or spreading because of the mouse problem in this building. Another tenant who I know personally and has since moved out moved because of the bedbug problem and one more who is still in the building in a totally different part of it several floo

rs up has issues as well. The building management ignores the problem(s) of the bugs and the mice.

when you get rid of the mice, you get rid of the bugs after you spray and confirm the kill. You can't fix one problem with out fixing the other.
I pay way too much money for this run down place and I am tired of it. But where do I move? Vancouver seems to be overrun with bedbugs and mice!

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