1333 Hornby St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

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I purchased a 1-bedroom apartment at this location over a year ago and have not seen a single bedbug plus it's very uncommon for them to excist and multiply in solid concrete buildings.

Good for you for posting ! Are you saying 7 of your neighbours also have mentioned to you that they have bed bugs? I was considering this building but thank you for the information. It is very difficult to get rid of them especially if nobody is doing anything about it IMMEDIATELY when they find them. Hope you can move out.

About two months ago , I found a bed bug. I called my landlord who didn't really help , he said it is only one. I also talked to the building manager who gave me a "friends" # who quoted me around $ 700 . Ouch I spoke to the owner of my apartment and he said that was too much ,I have to agree. So months went by and nothing except I have a rash on my chin , so I saw my DR who told me that it was from bed bugs. So I checked every where and I found a few tiny dark spots on my mattress. I called my

landlord and had to do all the work finding an exterminator , so they are know taking action. I have talked to at least seven people who have mentioned that this building is well know for this problem. The solution to this problem is that people need to get over the stigma , and start communicating with the people in there buildings . I have been told and read a lot of informative information , stating that the bugs like the cleanest apartments ! Good luck

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