1295 Granville St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

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A few weeks ago (End of October) I purchased a beautiful old trunk from these guys and soon after discovered that I suddenly had a bedbug problem. I paid a specialist over $400 to take care of the issue and they were able to track the problem definitively back to the trunk where the primary nest was.

Feeling obligated I went back to the store to share my findings with the owner Gary who refused to listen to me and proceeded to insult my intelligence stating that there was no way the bugs came

from his store. When I mentioned that he had an obligation to his customers to at least look in to the issue he told me to get out of his store and to never come back (I wont).

Yesterday I managed to get in touch with an ex-employee of the thrift store who told me that the are to deny all bedbug claims no matter what. She proceeded to tell me that the store was indeed infested and she was recently fired for her constant inquires in to the matter.

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