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A friend of mien was staying at teh Lotus Hotel at 455 Abbott St. his place is totally infested. he said this was the second time in teh last year they had to spray. I moved him outta there and into my place but thought this should be reported.

I am Leslie Benisz and I am hereby requesting that you remove my name and address from this site immediately.
I will be checking this site on a regular basis and if I should see my name posted again with my address I WILL be taking legal action against the creators of this website.
You have one week to remove my name and address.

Leslie Benisz.

PS I no longer have bedbugs. They have been completely exterminated and my home is so clean you could eat off the floor.

My whole bed was full of bed bugs in apartment 402. The exterminators sprayed twice and yet I have tons of bed bugs still crawling around and that is after I threw out my bed and couches. So now I just sleep on chairs to avoid the bed bugs crawling at my feet. I am thinking of leaving the Bnai Brith Manor once and for all, especially when gossipers want to evict me for bringing in the bed bugs. It is all just lies I tell you those gossipers.

I saw one bed bug on the wall in my bedroom.
I felt two bed bugs in my pants while sitting at my computer desk in my bedroom.
While having a nap, I felt a bed bug crawling on my leg.

I have a lot of itchy welts that take a long time to go away.

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