7228 Westminster Hwy
Richmond, BC V6X

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My husband has just returned from a trip to Richmond (July 9) and stayed in this hotel. Similar story. He woke up the next morning COVERED in bites. Upon going to see the manager they offered to change his room after a long conversation and complete denial that this was even possible. No remorse, concern or offer of any assistance. Room 319.

Stayed one night- June 29,2011
Upon waking up the next morning- June 30
Found one bedbug crawling in the sheets! squished it, full of blood- then my husband found one crawling on his pantleg, then one in the bathroom,and last but not least one on the nightstand! Because I have never incountered these gross little bugs before, and needed to be at the airport to pick up family and drive home. Did not mention it right away ( and I needed to be sure that was what these little things were )Called t

he hotel upon confirmation of bedbugs and arriving home. My complaint was not taken seriously!! was told that they have never had any complaints before and that the guests that were staying in the room now have not complained.I was thanked for my call ... that's it!! :( So BEWARE!!

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