Thunderbird Blvd
Vancouver, BC V6T

Found 2 reports:

We live in the 1000 block of UBC's Thunderbird residence. We have been infested for more than two weeks. We notified the resident advisor and they came for the first treatment session. Unfortunately, tonight (immediately after the end of the first session) we already found two of them (alive, none dead). We threw bed and mattress away and hope won't have to do it again.

I lived in thurderbird residence at UBC for a few months; everything was going well until my roommate found bedbug in his room. I moved out right after. We reported the problem to the residency manager who was very responsive in addressing the issue and hired an external company to come and treat our apartments right away, twice (in a span of 2 weeks I think). I am not sure what happened to the place and whether any bugs survived (I hope not). From talking to a few people I know that bedbug has

happened to both thunderbird and marine drive units in the past.

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