6335 Thunderbird Cres
Vancouver, BC V6T

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I moved in Sept 2012 (4000 block) and have been bitten by many bugs. I have reported it to UBC Housing staff monthly since and they have done nothing. I have had three attacks and bites since Oct. Just this week I asked the Director of UBC Housing to solve this problem, and again this afternoon I am bitten while resting. I have caught one bug and have evidence for the pest control contractor.
I am living in a one bedroom studio($855/month).

The pest control contractor suggests it is my belon

gings, yet I moved from another Graduate residence on campus and have not experienced such a situation.

The management has collected my rent every month, yet they give me the impression they do not really want to solve this problem. UBC Housing has been less than effective at solving this serious situation.

The contractor says that UBC Housing will not solve the problem with heat treatment as it is too expensive. I am extremely frustrated and this situation is impacting my graduate studies.

I would not suggest any student move into UBC Thunderbird Residences.

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I moved into a studio unit in 3000 block in the beginning of May and have been fighting with bed bugs ever since. There was another unit downstairs which apparently had bed bugs.

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