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From Sept 2010- April 2011 Totem Park UBC student Residence 1st floor Haida House.

I stayed at the residence during that time as a first-year student. Almost immediately I noticed that my teenage acne started to get worse, although the acnes were mainly on my chins and upper neck near the ears, and they didn't look like acnes that I had before. These were huge red welts. I started to resume acne medication, Accutane, with no improvements and my "acne" was getting worse. As well, I woke up

every morning around 4 am before finally getting up at 6 am to be ready for my classes. While studying in my dorm room, I often saw various types of bugs which I can now identify as bed bugs, "masked hunter"--a special bed bug hunter, and spiders. I have also noticed similar types of "acnes" that some of my dorm mates and classmates had during my 8 month stay at the UBC.

What's worse is that my youth and naviness and trust (to UBC) has brought the bedbugs to my parents house which I visited weekly as well it is the place that I currently stay. It is during a furniture rearrangement that we discovered bedbugs in my mattress and box spring. Although the infestation is no way near that at UBC dorm where I stayed as the welts on my face are starting to disappear. It is very upsetting to have to deal with this; getting rid off both my and my brother's beds, who shared same bedroom and not the bedbugs (yet), and washing everying we have. It is just like a nightmare comes true.

If it is any silver linging in this is that knowing I can now sleep soundly without waking up at 4 am every morning and my face will be free of any "acne" again!

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