3318 W 13th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6R

Found 2 reports:

This is a false post made by one Mr Omar Abril that was staying in our home as a homestay for only a few weeks when it was found that he was running a phishing scam from our home, as well as stole money and personal items from our home. We are not a hotel and we have never had bed bugs, but clearly after Mr. Omar Abril was removed from our home by the police he has tried to get back at us. He is a pathetic, sad young man that lives a duplicitous life, and it will all catch up with him one day.

Since the bedbugregistry.com has no policy to remove false and/or malicious postings, we are forced to call this out.

see full report...

There is a serious invasion of bed bugs, the owners are unaware of how to properly compost; therefore - there is a plethora of bugs constantly evading the rooms.

Absolutely disgusting.

Avoid at all cost.

Very dirty lifestyle, not clean.

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