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Penthouse for rent April 2015. Is it clear and free of bugs? It is so reasonable I am suspicious


Upon moving in to the unit, we noticed there was white powder all around the baseboards and in the closets. The building manager advised us that it was dust. I later found out that it was diatomaceous earth, typical insecticide used to treat bedbugs.

Around 4 months into our tenancy, I've noticed bites around my arms and legs. Since it was early spring, and we've had our balcony door open quite often, I assumed it was from flies and mosquitos.

However, I started seeing stray b

ugs in our bathroom, and that confirmed my fear.

We are moving out ASAP, and losing our deposit. Just be warned, this whole building has a problem. The building manager was not forthcoming about it with us, but take our word, stay far away and go somewhere clean.

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Still ongoing problem with the bugs.

This apartment has been sprayed 3 times (about 6 months apart). We have covers around the mattress and box spring, which seems to keep them out of the bedroom. They keep appearing in our bathroom which is right next to the front door.

They have been found in our living room on the futon couch. Will probably get a cover for that as well.

Will keep getting the place sprayed, but it is becoming a real hassle.


I gave my notice and moved out for Aug. 1/2010.

I called the City of Vancouver to report the problem at 3-1-1 to the property use / health inspectors department. .

You must be a current tenant to report a complaint and request an inspection which I am not anymore. So she recommended I tell the other tenants in the building to call them (7 days a week 7am to 10pm) to report the complaint and have an inspection. This way the building will be on file and on watch by the city for safety

and health standards and regulations. It's no longer my problem, but I thought I'd give all other tenants a heads up in case you needed the City of Vancouver on your side.

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Bedbugs reported in 102, too.


I emailed the landlord asking if I can move out and he forwarded my email to his boss the property manager. She emailed me and said unfortunately you can't break the lease over bed bugs you have to just wait til the end of your lease term. Well I've already moved all my clothing out of my suite and I'm planning on moving all the rest of my furniture to my boyfriends storage until my lease is up and I guess I'll just have to keep paying rent at a suite I don't live in cuz there's no way I

'm sleeping in our building I'm staying at my boyfriends full time. Bedbugs are SO hard to get rid of I DO NOT WANT THEM IN MY STUFF!

Just so everyone knows, I emailed the RTO (Residential Tenancy Office) with my concern and they wrote back. Think this might help us all:

"Unfortunately, there are very limited circumstances under which a tenant may end a fixed term tenancy agreement prior to the end of its term without any ramifications. Having bedbugs is not one of them. At least not if the landlord is addressing the issue by having the apartments treated by a professional exterminator. (The City of Vancouver apparently has by-laws that only licensed personnel are permitted to use the chemicals for pest control.)

Although the Residential Tenancy Act states that a landlord must “maintain the residential premises and property in a condition that complies with health, safety and housing standards as required by law”, there are no provisions requiring them to conduct ‘preventative’ maintenance on the building, nor are they required to disclose that there has been a previous infestation. They are required, however, to address the problem as soon as they are made aware of it , or at the very least, within a reasonable time frame.

Now that your landlord has been advised, he can deal with it and hopefully you won’t have any problems. However, if you do decide to move out before the end of your term and the landlord does not agree in writing to a mutual agreement to end the tenancy, you could be held responsible for any rental loss he suffers as a result of your breach of contract. And that could mean that he would be entitled to make a claim against the deposit.

The following link is to the Vancouver Coastal Health authority website and it may offer you some additional information that may help with the immediate problem.


If you still feel that the landlord has been negligent and you decide to move regardless, you just need to be aware of what the possible financial consequences could be for you. If you can get him to sign a mutual agreement to end the tenancy, then that means that you are both agreeing that the lease is no longer in effect. This would obviously be the best alternative for you but the landlord may not agree to it and he does have the right to hold you to your fixed term agreement. Having said that, if you do decide to move out, he will have to make every effort to re rent the premises and mitigate his losses. If he can manage to get it rented for the month following your ending the tenancy, then you wouldn’t be held responsible for any rental loss and could quite possibly then be entitled to the return of your deposit.

Hope this helps for now."

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#306 - have found the bedbugs in our apartment as well. reported it to building manager and pest control guy called me back right away. He will be here tomorrow to do a treatment. I am satisfied with the response thus far. They seem to be coming in from the front door because we often find them in the bathroom which is right next to the entrance.

#208 here.

I put the powder in front of my door myself, do not have an infestation but when I saw the powder in front of #207 I wasn't taking chances.
The powder is diatomaceous earth & is available at Canadian Tire.
Get some & spread around your door & hall way to keep the bugs out.
I will be moving as soon as possible as I do not intend on taking the chance of getting the bugs and do not need the stress.
Like you I contacted the manager (email) & asked that he have the common areas trea

ted (hallways) but have not heard anything back.

Not very responsive.

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#209 - I haven't seen bed bugs in my suite yet but I can see the suite across from me #208 and the suite next to me #207 are infested from the exterminator powder solution left in the doorway in the hallway. Of course I called my landlord right away. He said he is aware of the bed bug problem and that we've had a problem in suite 208 before. He said the problem was taken care of but next thing I know the apartment next door to me is now infested. I do not want to get these buggers, but my year l

ease is not up til Oct. 1st. So after reading 208's little message on here about having to ditch his furniture, I am so concerned and frightened to get infested in my suite - I have expensive furniture in my bedroom and a ton of clothes that I would like to keep bed bug free. I read the tenancy act agreement and couldn't find anything about bed bugs as a reason to break a tenancy agreement. I also read online that a bed bug infestation is not enough grounds to break a lease and move out. I might just move out anyway. Tough break Dorset Realty. Should have told your tenants about your bed bug problem in the first place.

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Hey #208 is where the infestation from 2008 began the first time around!
Just peachy.
I wonder if the management will be just as useless with this latest outbreak. You can't get rid of them completely; there's no way.

June 2010 - Studio Apartment #208

Being bitten many times, seeing pin head sized bugs running across my computer desk and bathroom counter. Finding dead ones on the floor, live ones on my brand new bed, crawling up the wall, I could write a book on these things. I told the building manager this month and an independent man in an unmarked brand new vehicle ( he must be doing well here) came and sprayed only the living area and the hallway and part of the kitchen. Every other apartment door I h

ave seen prior to this has Diatomaceous earth sprinkled at their front door, " it's not like the bed bugs are knocking on the door to get in, they're already in".... in the walls, the baseboard heaters, floor moldings, every crack and crevice that I don't even know about. I have thrown out most of my furniture, steamed everything else and put the rest of my hopefully 'bug free' stuff in plastic bags, that's how I'm living. My bed is on wheels with dishes of water underneath the wheels, it's crazy and I'm going crazy now too. I don't appreciate landlords that don't tell you when you move in and i don't appreciate this city doing nothing about it, Vancouver is losing it ' big time'.

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The entire building has been treated.

bed bugs here november 2008...
the realty company that owns the building says there's nothing further they can do beyond hiring one guy to spray.
building manager has stopped answering inquiries and instead directs them to the property manager.
they do not post notices of pesticides being used in the halls and take no responsibility for the infestation.

The problem started in June 2008 on the second floor and has rapidly spread through the entire building.
The building manager is not on site; there is no prompt action towards the infestation in the common areas...only treatments done to the suites that report a problem.
The problem isn't going to go away until the entire building is treated.

It's a very bad infestation in this building.

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