8740 Cartier St
Vancouver, BC V6P

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This place is nasty I've lived here since Dec 2011 and it's one thing after another. When I moved in when I woke up my arms and legs were covered in bug bites when I went to the Dr. they had informed me that they were bed bug bites I was horrified and terrified when I contacted the caretaker he expected me to handle the situation myself he had just laughed and quickly hung up the phone, then I contacted the property manager they said they would take care of it right away but unfortunately they d

idn't do anything until the building was completely over run. Eventually when the exterminators came a few weeks later they were gone. Now the building is over run by rats stay away I've just given my notice to move after I woke up with a rat in my bed staring right at me that was the final straw with talking with other neighbours I found half the units are empty apparently these sorts of problems have been on going for years.

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Got a letter under my apartment door informing all tenants to bag and wash clothing and prepare for a major clean, had to stay in hotel for 4 days

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