8735 Selkirk St
Vancouver, BC V6P

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We started waking up with bites on our legs and thought they were just mosquito bites at first. When it kept happening all week I decided to check our mattress because I used to work in hotels and I was suspicious. Found two bed bugs right away. Immediately called our landlord and told her what we found. She played dumb and said that we probably brought them in on our clothes from a friends house...she played the runaround until I found this website and saw that this building had been already re

gistered. Then she arranged for our apartment to be sprayed. By that point we had just decided since our lease was up we would move out and buy new furniture. We felt so bad about the new people who moved into our apartment, wondering if we were allowed to tell them or not...we left a pamphlet on how to deal with bed bugs behind just in case. Although its likely they never saw it.

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We have had bedbugs 3 times now, and just doing the 3rd spray. The landlords are paying for the pest control, but being a very clean person I believe they HAVE to be other places in the building. Struggling to get them all out and not bring them back in again. Because if they are outside out suite, they are being tracked all over the carpets.

They (the bedbugs) are here. There are various reports and anecdotes about who got what, and when. Seems to be going on for years.

I hate to say it, but no. The managers generally play the "must be carpet beetles" game but it's there. Caught them myself.

I feel 2 things: sad because the owners of the building seriously have no control, and more sad for people who have to live with it.

I suspect that there is a way to deal with it, if it occurred in a 5 million NY highrise. Would take

a LOT of money tho. a low end place like this? no help at all.

Advice: NEVER travel again with a suitcase IF STAYING IN HOTELS. If you keep a duffel bag and put EVERYTHING through a high temp dryer for 20 mins including the bag itself it is probably ok to bring into the house. CAN'T DO THIS FOR YOUR NEIGHBORS THO AND THAT IS WHERE I THINK THEY CAME FROM. Neighbor finds matress in alley. Wow looks good. Neighbor bit to death. Neighbor leaves. Bugs hungry. Migrate to your house.

If you have had the hell of these things, my advice is a minor inconvenience. I have plenty of other stories where ppl got them and have had more than 3 fumigations and they still cant stop it.

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