8667 Hudson St
Vancouver, BC V6P

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After our neighbor (who most probably made the previous post) left and his apartment was cleaned(you'd be surprised what he left behind)we are not having bed bugs anymore. His apartment was fumigated and this seems to have fixed it. We have not heard other people complaining anymore so things are looking up.

Bedbug infestation is out of control at this building. The tenants are keep moving out every month. Stay away.

Initial suggestion was that I treat the problem myself with spray cans provided by the manager, I strongly disagreed and insisted on a licensed,qualified exterminator.
My place was treated by Abell Feb 18 then again March 18. The problem seems to be under control...a few sightings in the past week which is somewhat expected because of the egg cycle. Will be keeping an eye out for the next few months and updating accordingly.

Bed bugs everywhere. Without treating the entire building the bedbugs will never go away. All the hallways are carpeted in thick (circa 1970s) carpet which is vacuumed weekly, which will do nothing for the problem. The halls need to be gutted and tiled and each suite needs to be fumigated.

The building is poorly maintained in most respects. I've lived in the building for over 5 years and it is only within the past month or 2 that the bedbugs have appeared in my suite...based on the 2009 re

ports, this would indicate to me that the bugs are just moving from suite to suite.

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I lived in this building for a year August 2008 until june 2009 our suite had many bed bugs and the scars have still not gone away. The management only sprayed a select few suites on each floor. Did not give proper 24 hr notice to enter my suite and required that we wash everything in our suite made of fabric. They did not reimberse us for the money spent wich was almost 100.00 after i demanded the money be repaid they told us it was unnessary to wash everything but to just dry it for 10 min....


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Bedbugs are still here. Strongly recommended NOT moving into this building.

Bedbugs are not a problem in our building.Not anymore. Yes we had an apartment infested and we have treated all the suites around. We hired one of the most reliable pest control company in Vancouver, Vancouver Bed Bug Control Inc.who is specialized in bedbugs.In this moment all our suites are clean and we have the guarantee that will stay like that in the future.For confirmation fell free to contact www.vancouverbedbugcontrol.ca , or call 6046874824.
Building Manager

There are bedbugs in this building. The problem is the management is cheap and they would only spray few suites at a time, letting the pests escape to another suites. My suite was sprayed in March, but I still get bites nightly. Stay away.

This building is infested with bed bugs, cockroaches and fleas.

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