8655 Oak St
Vancouver, BC V6P

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Lived here from January to July 2015
Not the best of places to live in. The building is very old, the corridors are gaunt with worn out carpets and people pouring bedbug powders outside their apartment doors adding to the run-down look of the whole place. If you call for repairs you should be prepared to wait for quite a while before they are actually done.

Lydia (landlord) is SUPER RUDE so be prepared for that.

Underground parking is not secure, there have been reports of cars getting

broken into.

It says no pets in the contract yet almost everyone on my floor either has a dog or cat.

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I lived at this address from December 2009-April 2014 and I can verify this being a haven for bedbugs, mice and rats!! A fellow tenant on the day I was moving out showed me her arms covered in red welts from being bitten and having her blood sucked on from bedbugs!! She stated the smell of mothballs from the tenant below was being used to drive the mice and bugs away from their unit. Several tenants saw me moving out and were happy to see a tenant able to move out to a cleaner better place to li

ve. While they are trapped due to many reasons in this Victoria Gardens apartment mess of a complex on 8655 Oak Street. The property owners Cascadia/Nacel/Cressey or whatever name they keep changing to is the same 3 headed monster!! Unless you want bedbugs, rats and mice and your vehicle broken into several times! DO NOT MOVE INTO ANY OF THEIR RENTALS!! You have been warned!

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Moved in at the very end of October 2014. Heard about the bugs from another tenant in the laundry room within one week of moving in. Found one live bug that same day, and proceeded to find five more live bugs that week. Management had an exterminator from Abell Pest Control come in within five days, which seemed too long to me. I very thoroughly cleaned my apartment before the pest inspection, as directed by Abell. They steamed my furniture and mattress and used a small amount of pesticides. It

has been one week and I have seen no more bugs, but you can bet I will be moving out as soon as my lease is up because I know these suckers can return, especially when the management is only treating one unit at a time as the incidences come up. They need to fumigate the entire building at one time.

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Bed bug infestation that has been around for most of 2014. The landlord failed to disclose the preexisting infestation so enter at own risk!

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