725 W 70th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6P

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Had bed bugs, the manager seems more concerned on blaming others than to spray, and is just doing individual units. It's my understanding that most of the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th floors have this problem. Many have moved out including myself as this issue is just too much and isn't being dealt with properly.

We moved in to the one bed room apartment on 27th of Jan 2015.
We had itchy rash that started on the day.We actually found more than 10 bed bugs and told to the manager about it. She said "I've never heard about it's happened in this building." She even said that How our previous place was? Then later on, she accidentally mention that neighbor had bed bugs just a few months ago. Finally she called pest control and had treatments twice, however ,it didn't work at all.Another neighbor told us th

at it's been happening for long time.
So we just simply moved out in a month.

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I am shocked after I read previous post happent to me to find bedbugs in my home too and I live at same address and when I contact the manager she told me that she never heard about in this building..but is a lie because this happent in august2010 and the guy from up post report in July..and at that time i was in New Westmister to find a solution for bedbugs and I pay a lot of money because she didn;t want to bring a proffesional desinsection!

Centennial House

Furniture damaged by bed bugs; luckily had renter's insurance to cover the cost of having to replace all the furniture.

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