1331 W 41st Ave
Vancouver, BC V6M

Found 2 reports:

The house in general is ok, however there are two big issues.

In the basement units, there are bugs in the carpets and beds.

I am not sure about the upper units, but I saw one last night when I was on the couch...it could have come from my clothing because I had spent all day on the computer in the downstairs office.

The other major issue is the security of the building.

They do not lock the doors and they have no idea who comes in or out any time of the day - or who even lives in th

e building.

Many times the doors are left wide open during the day and night - leaving anybody to freely walk in.

The house in general is tidy and the yard is clean and the services are fine - but those two flaws can keep you awake at night.

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Hotel is a run-down-of-the-mill health hazard as advertised on Craigslist and loaded with bedbugs.

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