2580 W 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6K

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***Be Careful***

The owners of this house reside in Greece for most of the year (although, their daughter lives 2 blocks away - picks up rent only) -- wildlife in garage/yard *racoons, mice and the occasional rat visits this place*

Ulcers aside, move in at own risk -- the residential tenancy agency is well aware of this place

Please be very careful, document EVERYTHING, and learn from my ordeal -- the owner (who speaks very little english) liked to do \'cleanliness inspections\' whil

e i wasnt home. i even called 911 on two occasions to have them removed when i surprised them. Imagine this: while calling around for a lawyer, i actually talked to one who was suddenly evicted from this same said location and he couldnt believe that they havent changed from when he lost his possessions living there.

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