2232 Macdonald St
Vancouver, BC V6K

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There is one report (submitted on the 10th of July) on the registry for this address submitted by someone names Delia.
As the owner of this house I never had a Delia living on premises at 2232 Macdonald.

I believe this report is for another house, possibly in the area, and the wrong address was quoted.

Could you please contact the writer of this entry to clarify the address or to correct the address entry.

I have contacted my tenant (who moved out on 1 J

uly 1st) from the main floor suite of my house.

On 1 July when we did the inspection, the tenants with whom I have had excellent rapport over the five years they lived there, there was no mention of bed bugs.

I don't need this posted but need you to check the entry. This report has caused me a lot of hardship as I am having trouble renting the suite and have incurred expenses for fumigation.

Many thanks,

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In spring 2011, I went away for a month. I returned to 2232 MacDonald. After one night of sleeping in my bed, I woke up with what I thought was a rash all over my back and the backs of my arms. It was itchy and I didn't know what it was. I mentioned this to a friend and he told me to check my mattress for bedbugs. I removed the sheets, and they were everywhere - in the mattress, under the bed, crawling out of the cracks in the wooden baseboards and hardwood floor.

I went nuts. I took all my

furniture, bedding, and books to the dump and dry cleaned or laundered all my clothes and sealed them in plastic bags. I lost everything.

The landlords are out of the country, so I couldn't report this to them.

There are three one-bedroom units in this house and one three-bedroom unit. The place is a revolving door with people moving in and out of the three bedroom unit constantly.

The house next door and the one behind also have students moving in and out all the time. At both of these houses, I noticed they recently put mattresses in the back alley. Obviously, I don't know the circumstances of each, but I hope that the beg bugs haven't spread to the surrounding area.

I no longer live there, but I just want to say that it was the most stressful ordeal I've ever been through. Now, I launder or steam my clothing the second I get home everyday because I don't want to go through that psychological trauma and financial loss again.

Thanks for this site. It helps so many avoid what I went through.

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