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I had issues with bed bugs feb 2012.They wouldn't addmit to having any,then I found them on here.Then they admitted it.I ended up paying $800 of my own money,not paying rent and moving out.I see that they have had the bed detetives there since and had them there while I was there.They said they had issues years ago because some guy was bringing in old furniture.They wanted me to pack all my stuff for 1 week and spray 2 times a week apart.Also launder everything at my expense.I refussed and did t

he heat instead.It was way less prep and no poisin spray.I would not move in there as they don't help,don't componsate for your trouble or own expence and onl;y treat 1 room ata a time which doesn't get rid of the bugs!!

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Well, this happened in Winter/Spring 2009. At first one bite, then many. The building was infested, but an exterminator came and did his thing on two occasions. We moved away in fear and anger before we could really know if they were truly gone for good. Two years without a bite and counting!

The apartment above us DID HAVE issues with bed bugs on and off for the past few years before we moved in.

If you are considering moving in here, interrogate the landlord about the bed bugs. If he

lies, then move on.

If he admits the past occurrences and promises they are gone, then I would ring a few apartments and ask the people sleeping there at night, if they still get bits.

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