2055 York Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J

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Hello there! I have suite that reported the critters. Vancouver Mgmt VERY responsive and helpful and encourage anyone else to call their mgmt co right away if they think they have a problem. Thanks to my neighbours for being so responsive and supportive and allowing access for BB sniffing beagle to come into their suites and advise no one around me has been affected to date!! Great relief! Assured Thermal said I had "a light" case - only in my bedroom and not in any other area of the suite - a

nd mgmt co. booked a spray treatment right away (on Tues Mar 20). They will also professionally apply DEarth after the spray along the walls, cracks, crevices and any furniture to ensure if any of these buggers survive they won't be around for long! It will even get rid of the occasional silverfish hanging around!
All in all a very good experience with mgmt co and neighbours! Don't try to hide or fix these pests by yourself! Always get professional treatments and follow their instructions. I bought encasement bags (Cdn Tire has good price, Cambie St) for the mattress and boxspring and had a truck and two guys take away suspected affected bedroom furniture (headboard wrapped in plastic) and sealed bags of clutter straight to the dump! Bought a new vacuum too - bagless - so here's to Spring Cleaning! Great sleep last couple of nights!

Don't know for sure where they came from, but did bring home second-hand books recently so might be the culprit, you never know. No more second-hand anything for me!
Been in this building for almost 7 years and love it here, find the owners very helpful and responsible. Looking forward to a restful week ahead! Happy St Patrick's Day!

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March 14, 2012: Not aware of any bedbugs in our own suite but spoke to a neighbour yesterday who had an infestation in her suite. She has spoken to the management and apparently there were several other recent cases. The management company has treated the effected units and I have been told there is a ‘bed bug search dog’ coming in to search other units. Taking precautions in our suite and will give an update if I hear of any more reports.

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