2045 Maple St
Vancouver, BC V6J

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As at November, 2010, there are no bed bugs in apt # 2 of 2045 Maple street.

follow up on apartment 9 - 1 year later. bedbugs were dealt with - landlady very efficient - no further complaints.

Moved out of apartment 4 due to a cockroach infestation, owner said she had never heard of the problem before.....other tenants in building said the girl before moved out due to this problem. After a month realized i brought bedbugs to my new building, had to throw away my bed and had my new place sprayed, thankfully got it under control before it was out of control. I wouldn't recommend living here, the 5 months i lived there i was able to get the cockroaches under control using my own money

and the one and only time the owner offered to have it sprayed, black mold problems in bathroom, and a sink that leaked and never got fixed even though i requested it multiple time....she's going to have major problems in the flooring because of the leak, hopefully anyone reads this before moving in to prevent the sleepless nights i dealt with living in this horribley overpriced apartment!

oh yeah, she increased rent by $50 for the next poor soul!

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Found some dead bed bugs in apt 9 - 2 live ones - oct 3

September 2009
Apartment 2
Found bed bugs in mattress after noticing insect bites

No nearby bug reports