1916 Arbutus St
Vancouver, BC V6J

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Stayed in the travel apartment downstairs. It is a two bedroom apartment. Both bedrooms were affected.
Woke after the first morning with 3 small red bumps on my neck , not very itchy.Didn't think much of it.
Next day woke with another 3 on other side of my neck. Checked the mattress , saw nothing, my husband no bites. After the third night , my son in the other room had 10 bites on his arms and I had more also.
This occured in june 2010. Never saw any bed bugs but did find small little blac

k markings on sheets and certainly the 3 clustered bites are classic of what they describe as the 'breakfast,lunch,dinner'bites caused by bed bugs.As soon as we left there, no more bites , so pretty sure there were bed bugs in the establishment.

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