1915 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6J
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I lived in Suite 28 for 2009 and I NEVER once had any incidents relating to Bedbugs. In fact, I never had any issues with any sort of bugs for that matter.

The building is extremely well maintained by the Landlord, Manager and the individuals who clean and complete the necessary repairs and overall upkeep.

I find it very shocking and unfortunate that these people who were possibly affected by Bedbug incidents happened to be in a vacinity where they came into contact with them outside of 1

915 W. Broadway.

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I have been in this building for more than 3 years and in the past two years NO BED BUGS HAVE BEEN FOUND, FOR TWO YEARS!!!

I know that the landlord has experienced some problems with past tenants regarding cleanliness and disruption issues, and I was shocked to find out that people were posting on this site illegitimately!

This issue has been resolved and is being monitored strictly and professionally by a third party, I am happy to report a much pleasant stay and ABSOL


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please do not give false information on my behalf nor the building's behalf. I've lived in this building for 8 years. Some knowledge needs to be addressed here, bedbugs are BROUGHT in to the buildings, they are not sprouted in a building.

I personally had an issue 3 years ago, which instead of the landlord charging me for the treatments; they were kind enough to bring in a pest control company and paid for the service themselves.

I feel that landlords should be aware of the tenants that ar

e being rented to. Luckily my landlord is very picky about who enters my building. thank goodness for that.

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Was tenant for one year - we found the bedbugs on our mattress in December 2008. Told the building managers about this problems and they said that it wasn't their fault. We asked for compensation for our furniture that we had to throw out - but they said that we probably brought them into our suite! For all future renters at this address - BEWARE - we had a horrible renting experience here.

i have never had bedbugs. or any other problems in my suite.

any situations that have occurred in the building have been handled efficient by the landlord.

i have been living in the building for 5 years.

suite 14

thanks you

I was the tenant in apt. 20 I had a problem with cockroaches at the begining which was taken care of in a consistant manner by the landlord and as far a s bed bugs are concerned there was no evidence of ever having bedbugs and I never encountered a problem.

1915 West Broadway. Please do not give false information when speaking unauthorized, on my behalf. Thank you.

Apartment 9 has not had a bedbug issue for 2 years because of the treatment set up by the landlord on a regular basis from Pest Control. My apartment is sprayed every 6 months for bedbugs and so far, it has been effective in my apartment. Cockroaches are much harder to get rid of, however, the landlord has treated my apartment each time I\'ve made a request and I do the preparation

s for it as instructed by pest control. Not all apartments are properly prepared when pest control visits.

This is not a matter of picking sides but telling the truth. And I would prefer to speak on my own behalf in future. Thank you.

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may 20, 2008

apt 21
apt 14
apt 1
apt 7
apt 9

all confirmed bedbugs

continuing problem with cockroaches and bedbugs in the building and lack of action by owner.

My 11, 2008. Apartment 20. I got bitten terribly, went to the doctor to confirm

we have the badbug in our apartment this month.
6887 arcola st,burnaby,bc,v5e-1h4

july August September October 2007 there was an outbreak of bugs in the building. The pest control came twice to fumigate. No bedbugs in November

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