1886 W 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J

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I've been living in my apartment for over a year at this address. I haven't gotten a single bed bug bite and haven't seen one anywhere. I see silverfish *shiver* but no bed bugs!

then why leave your bed bug unfested matress in the laneway!

I also live at this address. The little bastards are gone. The landlord actually did a good job and spent alot of $$ getting rid of them. People have to be really careful when they have friends who've been travelling stay over.

I live at this address and the bb problem has been dealt with.

I am currently living at this place and was totally unaware when i moved in that it ever had bed bugs! Now being here for over 6months my room mate and I have discovered that our beds are totally infested. My bed is brand new, i got it at the beginning of August and it is filled with the little bastards!!! We have been fumigated 4 times now, but I think they live in the walls of this house and will never be rid of them!

Feb 5/09
Bedbugs found to the extreme in every suite on 2nd floor. All 3 suites have been treated with pest control. A few bedbugs have been found in suites on the 1st floor, but landlord won't do more pest control unless more are found.

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