1715 W 11th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J

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This building had an issue with both bed bugs and management, but eight months ago saw a change in both the manager, and the company responsibly for bed bug management.

The location of the building is first class, and it is a comfortable place to live with really nice neighbors, and a young responsive manager.

January 23th 2012

Build sucks landlord is a con man, I moved in on October 1st 2011 and payed rent and damage deposit nothing else was discussed end of Oct. found Cockrouches, they sprayed, two weeks later bugs back again, sprayed again very stressful. I want out. Do not move into this building you will get screw. I want out and now I have to ask B.C. Housing so I can get my deposit back. Beware.

We passed the May 18, 2011 inspection, but our relief was short-lived. On June 17, between 4:00 and 5:00 pm (yes, in broad daylight), we found a live bed bug running on our kitchen linoleum floor. We killed it and sealed it in a ziplock bag for inspection. The apt manager contacted the inspectors, who confirmed (ugh!) that indeed it was a male bed bug. Even if we did not notice any bed bugs in our bedrooms, and even if none of us at home have been bitten, we went full gear into the "treatment p

rocedure" and got 2 treatments done in June and July. The apt manager of this building is so kind and tries his best, and despite all the hassle, I'm thankful we played it safe and went with the treatments without waiting for things to get worse.

Currently, however, I am freaked out when I see "dumping" going on in the lobby, and also in the rear of the buildng in the garbage bin area; i.e., people leaving used couches, mattresses, box springs, electric fans, and knick-knacks OUTSIDE of the garbage bin (as if they want to donate these objects to unwitting passers-by who are unaware of possible bed bug issues).

I am grateful for this bed bug registry because if/when I move out of this building, it will really be helpful to be as informed as possible about bed bug issues in other buildings.

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Hi I just moved into the building. No references of mine were called and i moved into a suite on the second floor east side of the building 2 bedrooms. Its a sad case because i was frantically looking for an apartment .... i got the place prettty easily through the land lord after seeing a sign outside. Im just waiting for my sister to come in september so we can both go to school here in Van. Ive dealt with bed bugs before but i'm really afraid. The landlord assured me that the issue was take

n care of... but only after i had paid money and then asked if there were any bed bug issues. Does anyone know if the building was actually FULLY FUMAGATED? and if there has been anything back since? this is so important to me because obviously Vancouver is expensive and why should I be paying rent for an unsure thing? I noticed my carpet was completely new. I'm not sure if my suite was the one that had an issue but it causes me to suspect.... I really hope that it was proffessionally fumagated. Ive been psychologically scared from where I used to live in edmonton and know what bed bugs are like to deal with. Any answers would help from anyone in the building.... Thanks.

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Endless problems with bedbugs in this building. Some of the suites have been treated 5 or 6 times in the past year -- one person told me pest control has been through his place 7 times since last summer! Supposedly the owner has gone ahead and fumigated every suite in the building. Wish they had done that to start with -- would have saved themselves a lot of money in the long run and saved the tenants a lot of upset and horrible red welts.

Problem is though, you can't trust every tenant to

go through the procedures as directed by the pest control company. You have to take everything out of your drawers and put it all through the washer and dryer, take everything off your closet floors, put all your luggage in the "treatment area" -- it's a lot of work and some people are just too lazy to bother.

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We've got them. Our place has been treated, but still we are getting big red welts from the bites. The management and pest-control company have been great about re-treating our room, but the bugs just keep coming back. They must be moving between rooms.

We got them. But the landlord and management have been great about the problem. Follow-up treatment with pest control company happens next week. I'm going to get those Climb-up Interceptor things to put on the bed legs and couch legs to monitor the situation. Vancouver Bed Bug Control gives a 90 day warranty so I'll keep an eye out. The awful thing about this has been the psychological hangover... can't sleep through the night anymore without imagining that something is crawling on me.

October 7 2010
Spoke to manage and pest control company this morning. The infested unit has been treated and the units to both sides and below are being complete as well. Bed bug practice at this buildig is to treat not only the infested unit, but also the units on both sides and up and down units, to minimize the potential of a reinfestation.

I started to get awful bites for a couple of months -- no idea what they were. I imagined mosquitoes or fleas. But the bites would swell and become blisters. Finally I put double-sided tape around the perimeter of my mattress. I caught 2 bedbugs that way. I also caught 2 on my couch in the living room. Horrible! I contacted the manager of the bldg and they agreed to fumigate immediately. But only my apartment. (I pay the exterminator and the landlord will reimburse.) The exterminator came

and said that some bugs will escape to other adjacent apartments. This is what causes the awful cycle within bldgs. I put notes under my nearest neighbors doors to warn them, on either side and the apartment directly below (I'm on the top floor). The exterminators will return in 10 to 14 days for a follow-up treatment.

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