1696 W 11th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J

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Please note if there has been a bed bug infestation at this site since 2011.

I moved out last year because of bed bugs. Several others did too.
Constant noise. Constant power outages. Dangerous electrical work. Mice in basement. Passive aggressive landlord.

i am the owner of this property. there has been two occasions of bed bugs in the last five years. in each and every instance, the bugs have been funigated.

if you by chance you are interested in a suite at this location please raise the issue with me at the time and with other tenants.

Upon my SECOND infestation of bedbugs, both from within the house, the landlord informed me that he was unwilling to spray for bugs on the grounds that wikipedia said people could simply be bringing them in from outside the house, and he couldn't see house this was his liability. I was told I had no other choice but to leave.

This place is crawling with bugs, has break outs every month, and the landlord will only spray an individual suite, leaving the walls filled with them. There are holes i

n the ceilings and the bugs fall right in.

Living in this place was a nightmare.

see full report...

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