1638 W 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J
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Would just like to say, i moved out of this building last weekend, after 2 and a half glorious years.Whoever is posting that there is bugs( of ANY kind) at this address ,clearly has an agenda against the landlord.This building is professionally run with no pest problems whatsoever.The Bed Bug Registry is a fantastic idea and offers help and support to many tenants, however if posts like the ones here are unmoderated it simply becomes a forum for people with grudges.Once and for all, 1638 W12th h


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Bed Bugs found again on August 1st on multiple floors of building. Landlord dealt with it but didn't inform other tenants of building of the problem. Bed bugs seem to be a problem in this building as it has had several sitings over the past 3 years. The only way this problem will be solved is if the landlord grows up and researches the problem and sprays each and every room to get rid of the problem once and for all. By only spraying one or two rooms on each floor is a quick fix for the time bei

ng but will effect other rooms and other floors.

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The landlord is in conflict with tenants. They took undue time dealing with the bedbug situation until it became an epidemic. Building was bought last November and ever since the landlord has been using tactics to remove tenants so the rent can be increased. This landlord has resorted to false accusations and has issued numerous eviction notices based on these false accusations to harass tenants into leaving. They are taking advantage of the backed-up Residential Tenancy Branch to achieve this

goal of removing tenants. This bedbug situation was NOT properly dealt with and I would be vary careful about dealing with these unscrupulous, underhanded landlords.

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This has been resolved the person posting this information is misleading the public and has been malicious in the past...the suites in question were fumigated, all other units have been inspected and tenants were notified to let property manager of anything and it would be dealt with immediately. This tenant posting this information was asked if they had any issues and they indicated they did but would allow any access to determine if in fact there were.

Tenant has since moved out and is no

longer aware of accurate information.

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Woke up with bites on my hands, and my wife also had bites on her hands. After a full search of the bed, we found bedbugs at the seams of our mattress.
We have since learned that 5 other suites in the building have had them and those suites were fumigated very recently so the bugs have migrated to other suites.

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