2830 Hemlock St
Vancouver, BC V6H

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I love this building. I have lived here for a year and a half. The landlord is a wonderful man. They may have a high tolerance for less than favorable behavior of tenants, which I like. I don't see how being quick to kick people out of their homes is a good thing. The building is absolutely beautiful. Some annoying maintenance problems is well worth it's charm in my opinion. I've actually never seen a single bug in here. There aren't any rats in the walls. I believe you may be mistaking the soun

ds of the radiant heating for critters. I love it here.

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I had an episode last summer. Starting June 2011. I contacted the landlord, and after doing some research even sent the property manager of Martello corp. named Kamil Kumar a you tube link with freezing and heating techniques showcased as the only fail safe method(s). Like most landlords they chose not to listen, and went against my will, and used a chemical company. They first sent dogs, to sniff out and be sure that it was the issue. For weeks I slept with the lights on, as they came and s

prayed 3 times!! Living out of plastic bags, I never felt comfortable in my own home. The property manager and landlord are very stupid, lack courage, and in my opinion, should not be managing anything, especially your home! If you see an ad. for 2830 Hemlock in Vancouver, it will say pet friendly, heritage building, gas stove, etc; Please don't waste your time; RUN! True, many buildings have problems, but this one is rotten to the core! Most recently, I have heard rats in the walls, again nothing was done!! This place is a joke! It is dirty, and managed poorly! I am happy to say that I am days away from moving out, but guess what? Now, I have bites again! Sweet...

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There was a hoarder here for years (dumpster diver etc.) -- nothing done about it. THis building at serious risk -- if it doesn't have bugs already. A SLUM.

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