2570 Spruce St
Vancouver, BC V6H

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I've lived here for over a year and have had no bugs or mice, except for the odd silverfish. I have heard no one else complain of anything either

Renter Beware:
Sadly this heritage building is not well cared for. Bed bugs, fleas and mice have existed in the building since at least 2003. Inhumane traps placed for mice in 2004, but sewage had been leaking under the building for at least a year and half, and mice still get in.
Management will not take responsibility (apart from laying the mouse traps). Management and owners lay the responsibility on the tenant, especially if you have just moved in, to fix any problems. A few tenants ha

ve pets, but we do not. We couldn't move in for 2 weeks due to the vermin in our apartment and a minor flood caused by Management's plumber (when fixing the running toilet). We still paid full rent for that month.
The exterminators advised to move out as within a few weeks said bugs will just travel from one apartment into the next.
Beware - the Manager will promise to make things right and then accuse you of lying about making a report when you try to follow up. Document it all, and take pictures. It's very important for you to take pictures and record your conversations with Management.

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