2570 Hemlock St
Vancouver, BC V6H

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After having the apt treated and the whole building checked by a pest control company, there has been no sighting of bugs at all. Management is keeping a close eye.

Can anyone tell me if this building still has bedbugs? I'm desperate to find out.

I currently live in the building and have not had any encounters with bedbugs. The building does have a disgusting silverfish infestation though, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silverfish maybe thats what was encountered.

from the moment i went to see the suite, rented it, i was mislead and lied to. i was told certain things would be done when they get to it. they are still not getting to it. also building has issues, old, sound and noise, and guess what.... bed bugs... just to top things off. i am suspect of the postings that sound just so darn happy. tenants who get bed bugs are not happy, but really traumatized. and have to throw away all their personal stuff. my experience... really bad.

I found the landlords helpful. I had a problem with one of my appliances and the very next day someone was here to fix it. The building is taken care of, someone is always cleaning the elevator, lobby, outside intercom etc. I feel safe, like there are no sketchy crack heads wandering the hallways or anything. And the bed bug issue was dealt with painlessly (And believe me I was freaking out about it!)

And no, this isn't the landloard writing this either-I'm just very happy with my apartment,

the building and the location.

see full report...

as of June 17. the infected suite was treated twice and has been tested with a bedbug sniffing dog. All surrounding suites have been cleared. Management in is the process of having the dog check every suite in the building. Manament responded immediately.

My boyfriend's apartment recently got bedbugs, about a month and a half ago. I react really badly to bug bites, so I eventually scoured his bedroom and found them under the mattress. They're really developed, big ones -- according to what I've read, that means they're probably a few months old. Meaning they probably came in from another apartment. Just a guess, though.

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