1364 W 11th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6H

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I currently live at Marco Court and moved in the summer of 2011. I live on the bottom floor and have not had any bedbug experiences or heard of any bedbug experiences. The current landlord apparently came in in between these last reports and when I moved in, and he is very nice and pro-active about problems. When I complained about ants on my patio he immediately gave me some effective and pet-safe ant poison. I just wanted to put in an update since I'm pretty sure bed bugs are no longer a probl

em here.

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4/2009 - We live on the bottom floor and have a private garden. A few months after we moved in we were doing gardening work and kept our windows open. Shortly after that we were getting bites all over and had hives. For a few weeks we were certain they were bed bugs, but we could never catch them. The landlord (new since 2007) was very cooperative and proactive about this. He arranged and paid for fumigation (just in case they were bed bugs) and cleaned out the storage room (there were piles

and piles of old sofas just shoved in the room - potential hotbeds for bug infestation). We never had a problem again (it's been over 10 months now), and we suspect the bugs were from the garden work we did and NOT bed bugs.

I have a suspicion that older reports of bugs for this building are due to a number of factors that are probably not an issue anymore: 1) The old landlord sounded much less responsive than this one, 2) the storage room was so packed with nasty (likely bug infested) sofas, anyone who traveled through it might have picked up something. This has been fixed. 3) the garden in the ground level apartments look like jungles if they are not maintained - any work on them to try and tame them, especially in spring, probably stirs up some crazy infestation of garden bugs - I know some gardeners routinely spray their gardens - but I doubt people in this neighborhood do this (not very eco-conscious is it?!).

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1364 W 11th - Marco Court

Yesterday(15/Apr/2009), I woke up with three small red bite marks near my ankle. I feared this might be the dreaded 'breakfast, lunch and dinner' pattern. Today (16/Apr/2009), I noticed two more of these triple bite patterns on my other leg. I suspect these are bed bug bites. Time to try to find and catch the nasty critters.

Which floors/apts were infested? Which floors/apts were treated?

I recently moved away from 1364 W 11th Ave. A few months ago I found a few small bugs that I though were tick just after my girlfriend came home from a cabin trip. We looked up images on google when we found a third one and found it was a bed bug. My girlfriend was reacting badly to what must have been the bites cause she had red hives. I put 99% rubbing alcohol on the bug we found and it dies (making a cracking sound, like rice krispies. We cleaned all our bedding and I put alcohol in a sp

ray bottle and prayed down the base board board, bed frame, her bags, and other corner where they might have been hiding. I know we killed them all because she never had the hive reaction to the bites again.

Until reading this article, I always assumed that they had come home with her from the cabin. Clearly, I was wrong.

99% rubbing alcohol worked very well! I never found any bugs living in soft things like blankets or pillows. I found them in cracks on the wood of our bed frame and between the boards. I crushed the second one i found in my fingers, which was my clue that it wasn't a tick (the first I just put in the toilet cause I didn't have anything strong enough to kill a tick handy). I killed the other 10 i found by putting alcohol on them, and I must have killed their eggs too cause they didn't come back.

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main & broadway
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989 Nelson Street
I am aware of two suites on two different floors with bedbugs (4th floor and 16th floor).

RE: 1364 West 11th Ave Vancouver
Had my apartment sprayed 3 times and the bugs are still there. Ended up having to move out.
Landlord did compensate me.

There are some issues with this building that you should be aware of. The landlord doesn't fix things and there are bedbugs. There was flooding awhile back that took him weeks to fix, I have been waiting for over 2 months for him to put an overhead light in my kitchen, and I have had my apartment fumigated 3 times for bedbugs and am still waiting for compensation. I find it hard to believe that the bedbugs stop at my door. Save yourself. Don't move here

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