1355 W 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6H

Found 5 reports:

Fumigation of apartment on September 10.

K9 unit 'discovered' bed bugs in apartment. It has been a week since this visit and no word on when the fumigation/extermination will begin.

K9 detection unit confirmed bedbug in various places within apartment unit on August 31.
Haven't been notified by management about any upcoming fumigation/extermination schedule OR any 'next steps' in eliminating bed bugs from apartment.

K9 Inspection Unit is coming to check apartment for "evidence of bedbug activity" tomorrow.

August 23
Physical live bug found on mattress in room of two bedroom apartment Monday night.

August 24
In the morning, emailed photo to a local bedbug company and they verified bed bug status. The building maintenance was notified by phone and then email (including the same photo sent to bedbug company) about bed bug issue. That afternoon, building management responded that a bug removal company would be contacted.

August 29
5 days of silence from both building management and mainten

ance. I am still awaiting their follow-up with me that a bug removal company has actually been contacted or that anything is being done.

Personally been active in cleaning apartment with steam cleaning of bedroom/mattress, constant laundry of clothing/bedding as well as disposal of living room cushions.

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