1275 W 15th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6H

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I lived in this building for a year, and I'm moving out because of a number of things - one of the reasons being the silverfish problem.

Like the other person mentioned, they are everywhere. There was no place in my apartment where I did not see silverfish.
When I found them in my cooking utensils, pots, dishes - thats when I knew it was time to move.
Not only is this absolutely disgusting, unhealthy and embarrassing but it is also completely disturbing. I stayed up late at night wondering

how infested the walls of this building are, how many millions of silverfish were crawling around me through the walls, under the carpets.

The landlady says "nobody else complained" and thus she blames me for this ridiculous infestation (I'm assuming that the "Aztec" has had this problem for a while) she also neglects to do any work about it and claims its not a problem.

Thankfully I'm moving out soon and will never have to think about this again. The Aztec is an extremely old, musty building and I do not think the building management would ever care enough to look under the carpets for problems.

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While there may not be bedbugs, there is a MASSIVE silverfish infestation.

Silverfish are in the bathroom, entering the cupboards and bathtub through spaces beside piping. This is true in the kitchen as well.

There are silverfish coming out of the grease vents above the stove.

There are silverfish coming out of the light fixtures...

They essentially live inside the walls, ceiling, and flooring. They are EVERYWHERE.

Did I mention wasps live in the building too?


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