1225 W 11th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6H

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The entire building got infested with bed bugs this summer. When a tenant reported bed bugs, building manager said he hadn't heard anything from anyone else. Yet there were complaints before this. Most of the tenants have moved out since.

The building manager moved a new tenant into "ground zero" - the suite with the initial bedbug infestation - without informing him. Apparently the suite is still infested. Just another example of how bad this building manager is.

there are still bed bugs in the building

I would have to agree with the initial poster. There are bedbugs in the building. The management knew about the problem in one of the suites and didn't tell anyone else in the building. For all we know, the problem could have existed for months. As far as I know, there are 6 suites in the building that have reported bedbugs. The management has taken action by spraying the 'problem' apartments twice. The entire building only go sprayed once though.

it's unfortunate that this anonymous reporter has chosen to lie.
I am the bldg mgr for this property and can affirm that this problem was handled according to normal procedures from the outset.
We have just completed our second bldg treatment Aug 6th and are hopeful that the situation is now under control.

Bed bug infestation in building wasn't brought to the attention to other tenants after building management found out. When tenants started to see evidence of bed bugs management was slow to act taking a week or two to send pest control. Once fumigation started, it was restricted to single suites. Obviously the bed bugs then infected the rest of the building and management is still reluctant to fumigate the entire building. Suites that have been fumigated have only had one session with no follow


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