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June 7, 2012

This building is under new management. Caretaker would like to hear about any pest problems. We are not aware of any pest problems at the present time.
Management, Carlton House

Oddly enough I have not been on this site since March of 2011 only to come back and find that the landlord is calling me out for other tenants posts.

Clearly they speak for themselves and people should avoid living here. It was not "Rendel" posting any of the addition posts, YOU nutjob.

Chances are that you will not get your deposit back unless you get tough.

We have lived in this building since 2010. We have not had a Begbug problem as of yet but I have talked to a man on the 3rd floor who had when he first moved in a year ago, called a bug guy (since it takes the landlord ****ing forever -I mean weeks or months- to fix or contact you about ANYTHING) to clean them out and has not had them since.

We do have Ants. The little sugar Ants that are really small and light brown. We put out ant traps (Ones we found in the apartment when we moved in actua

lly, there was a whole stock pile of them)but they seem to have gotten worse now that its spring but not so bad that they are annoying.

SOMETHING WE DO HAVE..... We have silver fish. lots of them. They don't bite or poop everywhere that I can tell but we do have a lot of them and they move really fast. I have been told there is no way to get rid of them once they are in your home so I haven't told the land lords because it would take forever for them to call me back anyway. I hate bugs crawling on me in the middle of the night and I wake up almost every night brushing them off of me. yuck!!
I will for sure ask my next apartment if they have them because I hate them.

Renting here is fine if you done mind doing things yourself.

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Hi Anyone reading this.

There is a nut case targeting our building.

if she would write her name on this registry we would sue her in real court with layers as we have all the evidense in the world...our current tenants and a pest management company that cerifide this building

there are no bed bugs and no ants only one metal person posting things on this site. she has nothing better to do in her life

think about it she does not live here and she keeps coming back to post things - tota

l nut case

This building has 70% women who are clean, many have been here for 20 years.

F U C K O F F Rendel you nut case

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Thank you Glen and Michelle Smith (Managers of the Building) for the previous posting! You have 2 Suites for rent this month and you are now desperate to get them rented so you will do anything to con someone unwitting person(s)into renting them. You are still the Managers therefore there are still Lazy Vermin in the Building.

You do nothing except collect the rent cheques and if someone has issues you will evade doing anything about it until the tenant moves out and then you will say it was

the first time you heard about it and deduct money from the damage deposit to fix something that you were legally obligated to do.


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I was the second one to make a post on this thing (saying we have no bed bugs). I still live in suite #103 and still have no problems. We had some ants the first summer we were here (as mentioned by the third poster). We never complained but Glen came to our apartment one day to ask if we had problems and said some pest control people would be coming to deal with problems in other apartments and they wanted to check out ours as well (we saw the pest control people). Shortly thereafter the

ants disappeared, and we havn't had a problem since. I can't speak for other people who claim to have problems in this building, but we haven't had any problems, and none of our neighbors has mentioned anything either.

Take what you read with a grain of salt.

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I have had the same experience in this building as the most recent post. ANTS infesting our bathroom on the top floor of the building. If they were in our unit I can only imagine they were in every unit below!!
We've actually JUST received our damage deposit plus monies to recuperate our efforts after 9 months of Residential Tenancy Board proceedings against Glen/Michelle Smith. As for Wenzel Enterprises, I would NEVER recommend anyone signing a lease with this "company". They either have no c

are for who they hire to represent them or just don't give a crap about people in general, all about making some rental profit.
It's unclear who to blame more, the horrible landlord management or the organization itself, but NOTHING was done after moving into this place in September 2009 and finding ants almost immediately throughout our unit. As the months progressed they became heavily concentrated in our bathroom and over time went from small red ants to larger red ants to black ants to winged black ants. Absolutely disgusting! I would venture to say bed bugs were also present in the building as one morning my boyfriend woke up with bites on his side.
It took an uncountable amount of complaints to even get acknowledgment of this issue and even then it was sweet talking us to give them time to deal with it. 7 months later they claimed to have hired "ant people" whom we never received any proof they had visited our unit.
On multiple occasions when we would complain we would get stupid, irresponsible responses from Glen such as "You have ants in your bathroom!" as if he could not recall the 100 phone calls, door visits at his unit, etc. with this same issue.
After all the stress of living there we finally contacted the Tenancy Board and began the Dispute Resolution process. If you're ever in this situation, ask for Juliette - best advise giver!
Anyways, recently Glen showed up at a PAYMENT HEARING to attempt to fight "his side" of which he knew nothing about, claimed to have NEVER accepted money from us nor entered into an agreement with us...and later went on to usher threats to come back on us for "breaking our lease" although the Residential Tenancy Board had already granted us an ORDER on him to pay because we had taken EVERY legal precaution to move out within our rights.
All in all, we got our deposit back and then some but I wish this living experience and legal process on nobody!! It's lengthy and after all the effort and stress the money is not worth the effort. (That being said, don't let these people win and push through it.)

Words from the wise: DON'T LIVE HERE! Read all the stories, and the denials written by the landlords/company(obviously) as they ALL have merit, truth, and a lot of wasted emotions supporting them. If anyone would like to contact me for more information on how we won this process please email me @ [email protected] I have nothing to hide and a lot of support to give.

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I lived in this Building for entire year (stupidly signed a lease). I believe all the bedbug reports. Management in this "Dump" are the laziest.They will do anything to not give you your entire damage deposit back, will not do repairs on a timely basis and if it is costly expect you to pay for it. When you don't they will deduct from your damage deposit and never provide you with even an invoice.I took them to Residential Tenancy won the Arbitration and they will

not return the monies owed I am now pursuing it in Small Claims Court; that should be enough reason for no one to rent from this place. For the entire year I had an infestation of small ants that I complained about, even used my own funds to try and get rid of and Landord did nothing, kept telling me that they had never seen them before. I believe the "colonies" were behind the ancient kitchen cupboards which should have been ripped out and place fumigated. So bedbugs not surprised and find it interesting that some call people who write on this site against the building a "Chicken" but they have not provided their name either...is that you Glen or Michelle Smith (Resident Managers)? Avoid this place otherwise it will be a year of hell and more money spent moving!Bedbugs I believe it!

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Gee, thanks. You lived with bedbugs you brought in here and only told the management when you moved out. The management called pest control and killed them, then you come to this website and write all these reports. There is only one person writing all these bad reports. The building is not infested, only your mind is infested. You are a very sick person. What a coward you are by not leaving your name, but then again you brought the bedbugs into the building and you must be worried, since there

are no bedbugs in the building.

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It takes a real moron to misspell moron. . .

Anyways, thanks to whoever commented on why some people don't (or don't think they) get bit. Every time I stayed at my girlfriend's place in this building, I'd wake up with 20+ bits and her with nothing!

I don't know about the rest of the building, but I do know that when moving out, we killed/cleaned out as many as we could, then told management who said they wouldn't do anything because we hadn't kept the corpses to show them. . .

Hi Anyone,

There were two units with bed bugs and they were killed with Poulin's Pest Control. All units were inspected, which is how we found out. According to the tenancy act the owner has to remove them, reguardless if a tenant admits it. Only a moran would live with bedbugs and there are none in the building. Talk to any tenant or the management. Do not beleive any report about bedbugs or ants, they must be from tenants evicted who's only recourse is this bedbug registry, as there are no

morans living in this building. Perhaps you should write your name, except the owners could then sue you for public slander, or have the exact same unit respond with "we have no bedbugs or ants". Please indicate the exact unit with bedbugs or ants or your name or Grow up

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This building is infested with bugs that management will attempt to blame on you, even killing the bugs and denying their existence as you are showing them! This has happened to multiple tenants and the building has a ridiculous turn over rate as a result of the infestations. It was a quiet building with very kind tenants when I lived there, but the ants and tiny black bugs are out of control and should be dealt with by a city health inspector asap.

fyi: bed bug don't bite every person, they usually pick ONE person (even tho you may share a bed with someone)and also, you can be bitten and not know because not everyone gets a reaction to the bites. so yes it is possible for this person to have had them, been bitten and not no.

i lived in this building, and it was always quiet so i am sure that this person is not "getting back" at people. i lived in a unit that had bed bugs and really tiny ants. the unit beside me had bed bugs as well. the

re are probably more in the building but not everyone knows. the unit was fumigated, but it is likely that more units need treatment. also, the area just has bedbugs. all you can do is educate yourself and keep an eye out for them. they're pesty, but can be dealt with. if you get them make sure that you are cleaning everything, everyday and throwing out things properly (sealed) so that this problem doesn't spread even more.

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My wife and i just moved into this building. There are no bed bugs and we talked to the other couple that just moved in and they do not have bed bugs or ants. I talked to the other tenants and they told us that the they are glad the other tenants left as they made alot of noise and were not welcomed here. I can only guess this is their way of getting back at the other tenants that complained about them, besides who sleeps with bed bugs without bitea and who sleeps with ants and do not know..

makes no sense.

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I just moved out of this building and as I was pulling my bed away from the wall I noticed bedbugs crawling along the seam of my mattress. I talked to another resident of the building who was moving out at the same time and she was moving out because her unit had bedbugs as well. I informed the manager and he said I would have to provide a sample of the bug, but I had already vacuumed and disposed of the mattress and box spring. I feel bad for the next person to occupy that suite, but I'm very g

lad I'm out of there.

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I recently moved out of this building because of an ant infestation. I complained to management and didn't even get a response. Avoid this building.

I currently live in this building, and I have since February 2010. No bed bug problems whatsoever, don't know what this woman's fuss is about. Havn't heard any of the neighbors complain at all either.

Lived in this Building 2008-2009. Month of February 2010 they had 3 apartments vacated and March 2010 there is another suite up for Vacancy...not a coincidence.

This building at 1150 West 12th Avenue is riddled with bugs including Bed Bugs. They will accuse you of personally bringing them in and stating that they have no problems in any other Suite. They will want you to rid the Suite of the Bugs and will do nothing to help you. The halls and common areas are maybe cleaned once a month. Save

yourself the hassle and do not rent here unless you like Bed Bugs and filth with Managers who are lazy and take no responsibility for the conditions!

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