1125 W 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6H

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10th March 2015, 8th floor room. I noticed blood spots on the sheets and pillow cases when I first moved in, and the sofa bed cover was very old and torn. About a week later I was covered in bites to my lower legs, arms and face. I told the management and they gave me enough money to wash all my clothes and someone came and put chemicals on my bed and a mattress cover. They didn't allow me to change rooms although there are rooms free.

I rented a studio room #403 for 1 month on June 12,2010. The room was only parcially surface clean The cupboards inside and out, fridge, floors, doorknobs, light swithches, fan, patio, patio furn., ect. was dirty but the price was right and I cleaned the room .myselfIt was to small and clostrafobic. I asked if there was a larger room available. Room #416 was available at double the price . $1400.00. It has a bed and soaker tub. So I took it.When I moved into room #416 , I noticed it wasn t ver

y clean. The bed has garbage underneath it and there was dust and dirt in the frame and on the headboard. I told the front desk man who had rented me the room, who referred me to the maid, who then came to the room with 2 other maids, who all were saying it was clean. So I said forget it. I cleaned the best I could. I never went under the covers on the bed as it had black spots and hairs. I have my own pillow and comforter. After a couple nights and cleaning ,I got brave and got under the sheets.I saw a bug running across the sheets coming from the top of the bed. I killed it. The next day, another bug. I told the manager and she had the maintenance guy clean and spray my room. Seemed clean to me. That night I was bitten all over and broke out in HIVES! Went to the emergency at VGH hospital and told the front desk again. She said they found 1 bug. Said I brought the bugs in! I never had bugs in #403 and have never seen one before. They treated me awful and said to leave and the would give me $400. for what
10 days and no where to go. Im still here and have no where to sleep

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During February 2010 a large number of Olympic Game employees were lodged in Shaughnessy Village Hotel (about 200) and at least 5 rooms reported bed bug infestation. Management sprayed some rooms and put sticky tape monitors down in others. No guests were allowed to change rooms. Some management personnel dismissed the problem as minor. Many guests continued to have problems throughout the month. No systematic eradication program took place.

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