1009 W 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6H

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Regardless of the Bedbugs, I wouldn't move into this building. The landlord is not a nice woman, she is crude, unhelpful and inhumane. Should you encounter bedbugs in a building I would think that at the very least you would hope for a helpful landlord. Sadly, you will not find that here!

Have lived here for a year and have never had an issue with bed bugs

Orkin Pest Control monitors the building and whenever we hear of a complaint they are brought in to test the questioned area and treat it if necessary. The way Orkin tests for this is with a highly trained dog who is sensitive to the bugs. The last time we had to "treat" any area for bed bugs was in 2010 and it was successfully treated in a prompt manner. Hence we are puzzled by the posting made on Feb. 17th, 2012 since none of our tenants have reported any problems. Our building is clean but it

is possible for bedbugs to be brought in on furniture or suitcases (as explained in the “about” section of the Bed Bug Registry). We take the maintenance of the building very seriously.

see full report...

I wouldn't move in here. I had bedbugs in my apartment and it was dealt with very poorly by the owners. Thousands of dollars of damage to my furniture, I had to throw it all out more or less and they were far from sympathetic, made it seem like it was my fault!

I am looking to possibly move into this place... have the bed bug issues been taken care of? I'll be looking at a renovated suite... would that mean that it's the one that had the bed bug problem mentioned by Anonymous on December 2010?

I've heard some horror stories of bed bugs... don't want 'em, but the building is beautiful.

Please someone let me know

We found bedbugs last week (mid-December) and decided to move out after the pest control came and sprayed our apartment. There was also an apartment in July that had bedbugs, so we think they are just travelling through the building.

We are having our apartment sprayed a second time and the landlord will be doing renovations to our place before someone else moves in.

We are waiting for the second spray before moving our belongings.
What a nightmare!

Vallejo Court
Apartment 304

April 2010
Room has been treated.

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