850 Bidwell St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Re "Anonymous" Comment

New Management at 850 Bidwell Street are trying their best to handle the bedbug issue. Currently there are no report of bedbugs.

Thank you.

That's funny. I remember specifically the couple who served as resident managers telling me that they had bed bugs on the 7th floor (704) and re-located to an apartment on the 11th floor but were told to vacate that 11th floor apartment by the building owner's agent and subsequently moved to an empty apartment on the 2nd floor (they had to move twice in one week) and were told..."we can get more rent from the apartment on 11." Had nothing to do with parking lot oversight. Caveat emptor. This bui

lding has a lot of people coming and going, moving in and moving out. Unless that changes, I can't see how the bedbug issue here is going to go away.

see full report...

Re "Bauhaus" Report
Please advise the unit number so that we may investigate.
A lot of work have been done to the building since July 2009.

Re "Anonymous" Report
#404 was treated upon reporting from the tenants. New management tried their best to deal with the issue as soon as possible.

Re "bbb" Report
Manager moved from #704 not because of bedbugs. New management decided to move the resident manager to a unit closer to ground floor with better view of parking area.

Wasn't aware I had a bed bug problem until I moved out of building in July 2009 and luggage that I had stored in bedroom closet was found to be infested. Discovered once I moved to a new location. Building had regular spraying for insects, but I would not depend on the manager here going to great, heroic lengths to solve the problem. The building is in a rather notable state of disrepair and all efforts to remedy this are of the band-aid type.

I got bedbugs in my apartment at the end of November 2009 In room 404. Had to throw the bed away and cost about $1200. The building owner finally got someone to come deal with the problem. Not fun. :(

17/11/08 - Continuing problems w/bbs. Live in manager in suite 704 had to move because _his_ suite became infested!

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