819 Nicola St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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This place is overpriced and so gross. Don't rent here. There was broken glass in the main entry way which looked like someone was trying to break in and the doors are only secured with a single bolt which is not safe. There was no smoke alarm when we moved in and they say that it is "furnished" but unless you want to be sleeping on gross mattresses and using shower curtains stained w dirt don't believe them. The landlord Henry was awkward and when we asked for maintenance he brought in a friend

. Honestly save your money and live somewhere else! Unless location is all you care about.

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Mondeliving is a dishonest, manipulative and cheating company, the so called "resident managers" (Evan and Yohan) do not care for the well-being of the tenants and the property is in terrible shape. Be WARNED!! The building has a rodent infestation (rats running around in rooms) on top of bed bugs. They will cheat you out of your deposit money like they've done so with so many people, please don't waste your time and money. These people are scammers.

This place is pretty gross. I did see some bugs but the main problem is mice, which the supervisor did nothing about, after being asked several times.

Do NOT do business with this company. Skytofly is terrible and very dishonest. Naomi (the manager) will not listen to concerns from tenants and she will try to keep your deposit and steal any money possible from you. BE WARNED!!!!!!!!!!

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