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I really don't think you can just single out this building, as, as you know, there's just been an awful epidemic for quite a while around this and many other cities. Having said this, I certainly am not immune to the problem! I am a clean freak to the max and started noticing these disgusting creatures. The Manager was right on it, having the cute sniffing puppy come in (what a job - poor dog.) Well, my heart just sank and was beating very hard when indeed the he found some. I had the manag

er check all other apartments around me and he bought in Heat N Go. It is a bother to have them in - you have to put many items on the balcony and fridge, etc. and be out for a long period of time obviously as the heat is extreme and even when you come home it feels as if you're in the tropic! They were not able to eliminate them on the first try - it took 3 times and I say this VERY carefully...they are now gone. It really took a toll on me phsycologclly as I just felt dirty and was afraid to change the sheets for a while.

As for the building cleanliess we've through many, many Managers over the years and this one does try to keep up with cleanliness in a timely manner (I'm the type who let's him KNOW!) The problem is that the majority of old-time renters like myself have left and now we are left with mainly young kids who don't give a damn and seem to enjoy, for example, pouring red wine on new carpet in elevator. I'n certainly not saying all young people are like that.....but there sure are a lof them in this building. The building should be much more discriminating in who they rent to, instead of what seems just getting the vacancies filled up as quickly as possible. It just costs them more money in repairs that's for sure.

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Heat-N-Go never worked and I have to inform again there are bedbugs again appeard.
very stressful and I'm not sure what to do anymore.
since they are sure moving around and jumping from this suit and the other suit and we can't stop them.

My boyfriend and I are currently living in broughton towers, the management is great. Our apartment is a newer one (from what I have heard, new carpets, new counters and tub) it's a fantastic apartment and we have never had any problems with bed bugs, uncleanly building etc. It's been a great experience. Of course bed bugs are an awful thing to have to deal with, but unfortunately it comes with the territory of living in the older buildings of the west end. Yaletown does not have as many cases g

o figure. Our building manager is very proactive in the building, and we have no doubt that if there was an outbreak it would be dealt with professionally and in a timely manner. My only advice would be if you do move into the building, move into an apt with new carpets (beige plush as opposed to flat cord blue grey) because these ones are much nicer and cleaner than the unrenovated ones.

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Went to view an apartment at 711, was informed of their history. However was told they use a company called HEAT N GO. Apparently the company is fantastic and pretty fast at responding too!I saw the units they have available and all were clean, freshly shampooed with no site of dirty bed bugs anywhere!

This is what I was told about the HEAT N GO company. Sounds pretty impressive!

Bed bugs don’t stand a chance of surviving the Thermal Remediation® Process designed by TempAir


e high heat draws bed bugs out of hiding, dehydrates them, melts their cell membranes, destroys their enzymes and coagulates their proteins.

That’s about as dead as any living thing can get.

And remember, our Heat-N-Go process is completely safe, simple, clean, odorless, eco-friendly and totally effective.

So effective that tonight your family will sleep tight because the bed bugs won’t bite.

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There was very good service as soon as I reported for the bed bug appearance.
however, they are moving around and even after the treatmetn, i found some again.
i guess building maintenance is poor and never doing much repair for the old furnitures.

looks nice from out of building but actually gross inside.

I am a new potential tenant looking for one bedroom apt and I was really
shocked how stinky and dirty is that place.
It does looks nice from outside but inside the building is unacceptable to live with dignity.

a mystery shopper

This whole building is INFESTED!!!! Around 2 months ago my neighbors told me they had been bitten by bed bugs. And had seen them in the laundry room. I am a clean freak/germiphobe and was very upset to hear they were on my floor. Then a notice was circulated through the whole building asking people to be on the look out and saying they were bringing a bed bug sniffing dog in to each unit.

I couldn't find any but kept experiencing bites all over my legs arms and back. The dog came in and found

nothing but I wasn't convinced. Then about 2 weeks later I woke up in the night, pulled my cover back and I saw them. Huge blood filled creepy bugs!
I freaked out got bed bug killer and nuked the whole place. Washed everything in bleach, and basically sanitized the apartment.

Now 2 weeks later, I have them AGAIN! So againg I spray and hope for the best. Thank god I am moving out in January. I can't take this anymore. The whole building is a disaster and I am sure a lot of tenants don't even care. So disgusting!!!!

I am on the 19th floor

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Bed bugs on the 10th floor. Building manager also had preventative sprays done before the weekend was out.

We moved out of that building a couple of months ago. People should be very careful about buying used mattresses and bringing them into apartment buildings. Those disguisting little bed bugs can crawl through heating systems, pipes and cracks and infest other suites owned by tenants who buy brand new mattresses. Apparently the people below us had bedbugs and they found one in our apartment. Thank god we got out of there. The constant toxic smell of fumigation coming from suites was no

t reassuring us that the problem was going away. Our throats were constantly sore from breathing in the chemicals used to get rid of them. I know management did as much as they could to take care of the problem. But that being said, it was very disturbing going to bed at night wondering if some violating little bugs would be crawling into our bed to feast on our blood while we were sleeping.

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SHIT!!!!!!! I just found one on my couch. I can,t take this anymore. I thought we had gotten rid of them since january.

Ed, the resident manager, has done a great job fighting the problem. They are in the process of re-painting, replacing counter tops and all the carpet of any vacant apartment. We have had no issues since moving in, over all it's a great building.

i have bedbugs in my apartment,my apartment will be sprayed

i just found 1 on my pillow.wonder if there is more. the bites hurt really bad

i have the bites all over my body!

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A friend of mine at 711 Broughton in the West End has bed bugs. They were out of control. He wants to move!

Went to visit a friend. They have a bad problem with the. Landlord not to interested either!

In December 2007 I found a little brown bug under the bathroom mat. YUK!! After a close inspection of the whole apt, I found about 5. I didn't know what they were. At first I thought they were ticks but after a little google-ing I found out what they really were... I told my landlord right away, he was very efficient and the suite was sprayed the week after. We cleaned, vaccumed, washed, put everything in sealed plastic bags and emptied our place. It's still like that today, we live with the min

imum. Our neighbours also got them. Their place was sprayed as well, and as today, January 22nd 2008, we have not seen any (the neighbours react to the bites and they have seen nothing neither since they were sprayed). However, the garbage dumpster in our basement is full of mattresses and couches... So I guess other people in the building have had them. However, I have to say that the building is well-maintained and the landlord is reacting quickly. Let's just hope the problem will stay under control...

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