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Found 2 mature, live bedbugs so far; one in September, the other in January. #1 was on my couch, but I didn't know what it was and didn't connect it with my bites - 3 big, itchy welts from breakfast, lunch and dinner on me! - just thot they were from sitting in the garden one evening.

#2 was flat and hiding in a comforter I'd recently removed from my bed when the weather warmed up. I pulled the comforter back out and there it was - agghh!

I've inspected everywhere, cleaned and bagged all t

hat I can and have been up in the wee hours trying to spot them - nothing so far.

Where the *&$@%! are they coming from?!?!

Any ideas?

BTW, chucked the comforter.

see full report...

2nd bug in 4 months; one outside my front door and just found a single mature one in bedding that I'd recently stored in my closet.

Will keep it alive in a jar - would like to know where to take it for verification.

Thanks for your site!

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