2001 Beach Ave
Vancouver, BC V6G

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There are no bed bugs in this block. Believe me, having lived through a bed bug infestation in NYC I know what a bed bug looks like. I think the person who wrote the review in April of this year, is very likely to be a disgruntled tenant who had to move o.

It is full of bed bugs. Had to move out because of the mess the current Manager Farnass has let happen. Between her and the owner this place is a mess. Mold, bugs etc everywhere.

January 27 2011

The dog from C.A.R.E. Exterminators was brought into the infected and surrounding units. The 2 units that did have bedbugs have since been treated, and given a clean bill of health from C.A.R.E.
As Managers, we take this situation very very serious, and as soon as we were notified that one unit had bedbugs, we immediately contacted the exterminator to arrange for that unit and several units close by to be sprayed and the canine unit was also brought in to eradicate the bugs.

The building has now been cleared of bedbugs, but all tenants should always be cautious and aware of what is brought into the building. A notice effective immediately has been posted notifying tenants that the building is now clear of bedbugs.

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We were notified after 2 suites on the third floor were sprayed that there are bedbugs and no notice was given to the tenants not to use the common washer/dryers as this is apparently another way that they spread; someone nice enough to leave a notice in the elevator of the building made us aware of the problem and then only after that was posted did the landlord notify us; I feel this negligence in informing us sooner so we could proceed with preventative measures to ensure we dont get any in o

ur suite is not good practice; once bedbugs have been noticed everyone should be told so they can check right away and ensure their suites dont get infected.

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2 suites,
3rd floor,
Jan, 2011

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