1958 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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yes. suite 602 - 1958 Barclay - bed bugs. Management will evict you if you try to artbitrate or tell anyone>

2003 -2009 Nobody informed me. I found out through a neighbour on the 6th floor. They sprayed 5 times and still she couldn't get rid of them. She finally threw her bed in the garbage and moved out. People said the mattress was crawling. This has been ongoing for years now. I also heard from a tenant on the 8th floor who had them but didn't know till her parents visited. As well someone who frequents drop in centres had them. As well they evict people illegally, especially if you do an ar

bitration. Also beware of the penthouse it floods. Management rents without disclosure!

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The other report is from the 6th floor. I have spoken to someone on the 8th floor who says they have them but they don't bother them???????

Over a 2 week period I had been bitten 3 to 4 times. Always waking up with the bites - so it's definately happening at night. The bites are often in a little row with 3 bites clustered together.

I was pretty sure they were bed bugs - although no evidence in or around the bed, therefore the infestation is probably coming from someone else apartment and spreading into mine.

The building manager has arranged extermination for myself and a neighbour who also has them, and states all tenan

ts will be receiving information pamphlets in a couple of days. Fingers crossed.

I am telling everyone in the building though so they can start paying attention. I think lots of times people think they are being bitten by fleas or mosquitos.

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