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Vancouver, BC V6G
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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In regard to the two reports from "Gavalt" and "A friend on" ...Not true at all. I would have to think they are just on this site to cause issues. By saying what they did it's not possible they lived in the building. I lived there and yes as mentioned in other reports there was one incident of bed bugs and everyone was notified and every unit was inspected the next day after being reported. Every proper step was taken to deal with the situation. Management dealt with this in a very professional

and timely manner.

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It is too bad that this site is used by angry ill-intentioned people. The Gevalt report is entirely untrue. I have lived in this building for many years. We had one incident of bed bugs in one suite. The problem was immediately broadcasted to every tenant and management had the entire building fully inspected the day after the report was made by the tenant who had the unfortunate incident. Management was professional and understanding and the problem was eradicated. We have not had a probl

em since. I consider La Carina my home. I am proud of my home and enjoy living here. I take a personal affront to people picking on where I live. The building is also home to the Property Manager and the Building Manager. Do you really think they would leave the problem be and let a tenant fend for themselves when they also live here and run the risk of living with bed bugs?

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I lived here for a few years, and I was twice infested with bed bugs. The manager tried to blame it on my personal cleanliness, which was insulting and irrelevant. I suspected a bug-migration from one of the other 3 suites on the floor, but the manager refused to ask or warn anyone. I had to spend 3 weeks and several hundred dollars fighting my bug-war, alone, with no regard from La Carina. I moved away soon after.

I live in the building also and there are no bed bugs. Every tenant received a notice when an incident happened and we were kept informed of all efforts to eradicate the problem. They inspected each and every appartment. The problem is gone and management is fantastic and very responsible.

There was an early detection of bedbugs at this building but management informed all tenants immediately and called for an entire building inspection. The problem has been eradicated due to the concern of management. I live here and it's a clean well managed building.

A friend lives in this building and it is totally infested. Has been sprayed numerouts times. Was told by managers not to tell anyone about the bedbugs.

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