1933 Robson St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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In response to Anonymous..you are being taken..you should not be paying for treatment. It is the landlords responsibility. I lost new furniture myself amounting in $1100.00 Though refused to pay for treatment.

#301-6687 arcola st,bby,bc

Hi, sounds promising. Do you know if they searched or treated the suites surrounding the suspect suites? Apparently these bugs can retreat, then reappear 6 months later.

That a little reassuring since I\'m moving in next week.

I am currently staying in Apartment 1204 of
Knightsbridge 1933 Robson Street

All cases of bed bugs have been dealt with in the
the apartments that have been searched by
professionals of the pest control services ,
my apartment in particular was searched and
nothing was found , but my buddy living on the second floor was one of the only apartments that was found with bed bugs , and
the pest control cleared it up on June 16th , and
pest control is coming in again sometime again to

ensure that the bed bugs are gone forever !

so hooorah! we shall all be in peace now ,
and good night , never will the bed bugs bite again !

Joshua .

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any new updates?

oh thats why the amount of mattresses in the alley!
but NOT marking them and sealing them is criminal intent.
how can anybody, especially the manager, agree to keep silent about it?

deposing of infested goods and moving into new locations with potentially infested stuff will spread the problem even faster.
wake up men.

I also live in this building. What\'s the status of your apartment now? I noticed the pest control people visiting the neighborhood yesterday, which makes me nervous.

I also live in this building. What\'s the status of your apartment now? I noticed the pest control people visiting the neighborhood yesterday, which makes me nervous.

I live in the building and was just wondering if you were still having bites or if the issue has been resolved.


Adding on to my first submission, the apartment manager has paid for the fumigation. I found him much more accomadting this time around. The pest control company is coming back in two weeks for their follow up visit, to get any recently hatched bugs as pesticides apparently can't hurt the eggs. No sign of any as of yet, but that is likely because my apartment is stll dripping with poison.

I currently live in apartment 1202 of the Knightsbridge Apartments at 1933 Robson Street Vancouver, BC.

I have lived here since July of 2007. In late March of 2008 I discovered bedbugs coming out of my bed’s headboard. This bed was purchased new from IKEA. I informed the apartment manager immediately. He advised to throw the bed out and to label it “Do Not Take”. He asked me not to mention bedbugs in the sign. He stated he had dealt with this before and that he had

aerosol poison in his office for me to use. I requested a professional pest control company be called in to treat the entire apartment. He informed me that this would be at my expense because the infestation was, in his opinion, my fault. Even though it would be at my expense, I contacted Canadian Pest Control. The pest control company recommended that the apartments above, below, and beside be treated as well. They asked me to get permission from my landlord to enter these apartments. He was against it. He stated that he did not even want to mention the word bedbugs to other tenants. When I pointed out that they were at risk of infestation, he would not bend.

I threw out the bed, the area rug, and a small bookcase from my bedroom. I washed all of my bedding, laundry, and linens. I thoroughly vacuumed the entire apartment. The next day, as promised, the apartment manager delivered a can of commercial insecticide. I used the entire can.

Over the next several weeks I could not find any bugs, I thought I was clear. With no bed I was sleeping on my couch in the living room. In late August of 2008 I started noticing bites again. I disposed of my couch and chair from the living room after finding bugs in both, and repeated the cleaning process as before. Over the past several weeks I have studied up on bedbugs on the Internet and by contacting various pest control companies. I have booked an appointment with Canadian Pest Control to come in and fumigate my apartment in an effort to save my remaining furniture.

I have had this furniture for several years and have never had an issue with any of it in the past. Prior to the Knightsbridge apartments I had a roommate. A year later he has no infestation, our old apartment was clean. I know these bugs are coming from this building and the fumigation, that I am paying for, is only a temporary solution to this problem.

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