1931 Nelson St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Suite 404-1931 Nelson Street
Vancouver, BC V6N1N3

To.Manager, Jullian
CC. Capital J Management Ltd.
1931 Nelson Street
Vancouver, BC V6N1N3

Sub: Pest Control (Bed Bugs)

Dear Jullian and Capital J Management Ltd.
I, , am your tenant at Newport Towers 404, and moved into the unit within this last month.

Soon after I moved into the said unit I noticed that there were some mysterious bugs and started to get bites. I showed my reddish bitten arm to Jullian and went to see a docto

r and pharmacist about a growing number of bites.

No pest control was contacted as per Jullian...I would need to provide him with a bug or bugs. Until bugs were given no pest control would be contacted, he stated.

I purchased a raid bug spray, traps, crack sealing foam and medicines after I showed my condition to a doctor and pharmacist on September 10.2011
I re-washed and dried all of my clothing, bedding, cousions, and pillows. I have spent hours and hours to do this and put them in plastic boxes I had to buy from Canadian tire.

I have been eaten alive every night and unable to sleep and bitten continually.

One night, 2AM, Thursday, Sept 16.2011, I felt so much stingy pain on my fingers woke up after an hour sleep, I saw several bites, I was too scared emotionally to go back to sleep, so I was up all night to do research on what is biting me. As soon as the sun began to arise, I have started to steam cleaning my bed mattress and bed frame, sofa and under baseboard and closet, electrical socket, hardwood floor, picture frames hanging on the wall.

I have found more than 20 bed bugs so put them in two plastic bags and phoned to Jullian who came up to my suite and showed him a bug stuck on my sticky trap as well. He said he only need a trap not two plastic bag to show a pest control guy.

I requested him to have a pest control guy ASAP but he said it’s Saturday morning, they don’t come on weekend and he will contact exterminator on Monday, September 19.

On Sunday Morning, I phoned him and left message about I had more bites on my hand. He phoned me back and left message and said in essence that I am not the first person for this bugs bite and everyone manages differently.

The pest control company was finally able to treat the apartment on Wednesday, Sept 21.2011 at which time I had to empty walls and floor and I took all my clothing.... again .....to Laundromat on Denman at Barclay street using 8 machines twice to dry them.

The pest control agent stated that treatment of bed bugs is difficult to control and treatment of one unit often means bugs migrate to another unit and often return.

The dayf after after the pest control spraied my suite, I have got fresh bites on my chin and just above my arms, so took phots.

Unit number 803 is also infected.

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